Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions that are often asked by the pupils.

Q: How many driving lessons do I need?
A: Everyone is different. Some people only need 15 to 20 lessons, but others may need many more.

It is worth noting that when pupils start to take responsibility over their driving they are expected to do mock tests to assess how safe they are on the road.

Q: Should I choose manual or automatic?
A: Passing in a manual means you will be able to drive both Manual and Automatic cars. Passing in an Automatic means you will only be able to drive Automatic cars.

Q: Can I practice my driving with a family member or friend?
A: Yes you can, provided they have a full driving licence and have had one for at least three years. They also must be over 21 years old.

It is very important that the owner of the car has adequate insurance and holds correct driving licence if the car is manual. Driving under supervision of a professional instructor is safer and ensures that the pupil receives valuable feedback to improve and avoid mistakes.

Q: What will I be learning on my first driving Lesson?
A: This will depend on your individual circumstances. For example: are you a beginner or have you had driving lessons before? A beginner will need to get used to the controls: gas, brake and clutch (on manual) and practise changing gears going from 1st into 2nd etc. They will practise steering, use of mirrors and using the handbrake. Then they will practise moving off and stopping, turning left and right.
I will demonstrate first, then the pupil will have a go.
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