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Should you learn to drive manual or automatic?

posted Sep 11, 2012, 8:17 AM by Bruce Williams
Learning to drive is not only useful and practical it is a right of passage for many people too. Being able to drive is a good skill to have, but it takes time and money to acquire. You will need to pass the theory test, and get a lot of driving experience. You will almost certainly need driving lessons, and it is advisable to have a thorough course.

For some people driving comes fairly easily. You do need the coordination to perform several tasks in sequence. For some this quickly feels natural, for others it is more of a struggle. One option is to learn to drive an automatic car. This means you don’t have to worry about changing gears. You can take your test as an automatic driver, but you will not be qualified to drive a manual gearbox car. For most people getting to grips with the gears is worth the effort. You will get a feel for the way the car works through the gearing.

You can also use the gears to slow the car; something that is especially useful on snowy or icy conditions. And, of course, you can drive any car so long as you are insured. However the automatic option is one to consider if you are struggling and need to be able to drive. It might also be helpful for various special needs, or for people suffering leg, back or hip problems, who may find using the clutch difficult. You driving instructor will be able to advise you, and you can try a lesson in an automatic car with a specialist instructor.