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Driving Faults

posted Sep 12, 2012, 8:40 AM by Bruce Williams
Learning to drive is all about learning the skills. It’s about coordinating your hands, feet and eyes to perform the everyday situations that occur on our roads such as:

Dual carriageways,
Urban conditions,
Bad weather conditions.

Perfecting good driving skills will enable you as a learner driver to plan ahead. This means giving yourself time to assess what might or will happen. Before perfecting these skills, common faults are lack of observation and positioning your vehicle incorrectly:

Poor road positioning and not keeping a safe clearance around your car,
Positioning incorrectly at roundabouts, whether turning right, going straight ahead or turning left,
When Meeting traffic not holding back at the right time and confusing other drivers of your intention.

These are all common fault for failing the driving test, where lack of observation counts for 45% of fails.